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The Orchid Interviews

Exhibited at SAIC Open Studio Night 2014, New Blood 2015, Seeing Hearing 2015. 


The entire room is covered in neutral grey vinyl. Cupping therapy is applied to the second skin of the walls. The treatment ends when the walls decide, throwing the cups to the ground. The floor next to the walls is covered with vinyl and foam tiles made especially to catch the falling cups.

In the middle of the room I sat in front of an empty chair. Audience members were invited to sit down. Participants were given dental cheek retractors and asked to lean forward. In front of them there was an orchid made out of thin paper. A participant was asked questions revolving around the concept of Rather. Since the mouth is open and leaning forward, they have no option of responding. The participants, thinking and imagining, are doing the one thing the space cannot do. Because of that they destroy the space from its most vulnerable spot - the paper orchid.


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