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How to Become One with the Monument

A series of nine performances around Chicago. In each performance I tie my head to a monument. The hope is that if I could remain perfectly still in this communion for a bit over sixty thousand years, osmosis and diffusion will collapse our body together, and we will be inseparable. However, each performance ends when I am asked what I am doing or asked to leave. 


The documentation was exhibited at Sullivan Galleries as part of the MFA Thesis Show 2014

The instructions for the performance were printed on cards that were given to audience members:

It is first important to note that osmosis and diffusion will work between solids. 
place your head so it will be touching the monument of choice. Keep it there for 52,384 years.

As both you and it are destroyed, you will slowly morph into one. 


A new round of performances have been done with monuments in Leipzig, Germany


Special Thanks to Magdalena Wistuba and Sarah Knudtson.

2014, 2018

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