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Do You Know Why We Come Here?

In the South-East of Leipzig sits the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. The Monument was placed there on the eve of World War I. It is currently open to the public as a tourist attraction and sold to the public as the biggest public monument in Europe.
Since there are very few monuments and no ceremonies to World War I in Germany it seems to both looming and out of place.

During the Fall and Winter of 2018-19, I decided to use it as a vent. We are both transplants to the city. It is a giant, popular column, and I, a small human that does not know their place. I would go to the monument, outside the the gates, and yell at it both the present, immigration, and its history. The monument would be told about the fact that it is just to create a future nation, that its role is oppressive and memorial, that the visitors do not care about the battle it is there to commemorate, etc.

The performances would be around an hour long each time. They started on Nov. 11th 2018 and still continue on schedule.


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