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Dead Cat Bounce (series)

Dead Cat Bounce is a series of videos and installation that started from anger about drop shipping and the coaches that sell it as a way to get rich

Each work is dealing with a different aspect of the phenomena, whether it is the emotional plea in their voice, their talking heads, their manipulation of vulnerability, or their over promising. The research into the community of drop shipping led to questions about authenticity, production, capitalism and craft. Who is the victim in the case of drop shipping? who is the exploiter? and what do the coaches are selling? how many layers of removal is enough to not feel the guilt? and how many are enough to not be guilty?

Dead Cat Bounce - Emotional Sales Pitch -  Exhibited as part of LindeNOW festival 2021

Dead Cat Bounce: I could teach you, but I have to charge (after Bill Viola) - exhibted as part of Licht Spiel Fest am Westen in Leipzig 2021


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